Northwest Pollinators, JV

Moses Lake, WA 98837


Office   509-762-2421

Fax       509-762-2198

NORTHWEST POLLINATORS, JV:A Joint Venture between two companies operating bees since before 1971! The original business, Grigg Apiaries, Inc. was first recognized as an Oregon Corporation in 1971! Our other half of NORTHWEST POLLINATORS, JV is CSI Family Farm, Inc. which was originally formed as a WA Corporation in 2014. Both businesses are owned by Travis & Brandy Grigg.


Grigg Apiaries, Inc.

4-1-1971: Originally an OR Corp.

5-7-1994: Expanded to WA

7-27-1995: Expanded to CA

11-13-2001: Bought a place and expanded to MT


CSI Family Farm Inc.

2014: WA Corporation

1-1-2019: Expanded to CA & MT 


Hi! My name is Brandy and I am the wife of Travis (4th or 5th Generation Beekeeper, we need to get that clarified!) together we have 3 wonderful children. Travis had been working alongside his father, Allen since he could walk, so when Allen decided to retire it was easy to step up to his dad's position easier!  We love to help Travis in the business wherever we can. The kids LOVE catching and playing with their bee friends! Our youngest is convinced she only wants to play with the boy bees (although it's adorable when she says "boy bees" because it sounds more like another few words! I'm sure you can guess!) The boys love going to work with Travis, both during the day, and especially during the night when they are moving bees to new locations. You'll find me, Brandy, behind the desk hard at work to keep the office running! We love that we are able to have a family owned business to be able to make memories alongside our work life. Memories both with the family and our employees!


We are continually striving to be a great company. NORTHWEST POLLINATORS, JV is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Moreover, our efforts extend beyond providing outstanding products and services to those who need them. 


I am working on getting the history of the company on here soon! Just hard to get all the details on one sitting!! But truly want to get this before time just passes by and it's just too late!!